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Each local association is required to provide a minimum of service set by the national association; this is called "Core Standards". The state association monitors the local associations to ensure these standards are met.  However, your local association provides so much more than core standards. 

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The Three-way

When a real estate agent joins their local association they are also joining the state and national associations. This is called the three-way agreement. Your local association collects dues for all three organizations; only a portion of the dues you pay stays locally, the remainder is sent to the state and national associations. The local association also tracks your education and code of ethics requirement, reporting your code of ethics to the national association. There is no means to join just the local, or just the state*, or just the national, the three are bound together.

Understanding Organized Real Estate

The term organized real estate refers to the coming together of practitioners to advocate for the profession and the industry of real estate. As 1.3 million members come together to form a singular voice in the formation of public policy (laws, regulations, and special rules). This is what you joined, the organization of real estate professionals seeking to protect and promote the industry. REALTORS join together, via the three-way agreement to advocate for the industry.

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