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Your Local Association

Your Local Association is Your Fast Track to Business Success

 Your first step in becoming a REALTOR® is contacting HRRA. HRRA will accept and process your membership application for the local, state and national association. You will receive a NRDS (National REALTOR® Database System) number. This identifier will be used throughout your career in real estate. Your local association will generate this number for you but if you cannot remember it you can always look it up here.

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HRRA's Pathways to Success

Education & Training

Whether online or live, HRRA provides access to post licensing, pre-licensing, continuing education (CE) and training. It is critical to the success of your business that you invest in your own education. Experts recommend setting aside 10% of your business revenue for self-education. It is imperative that you educate yourself beyond the minimum state requirement of CE.

HRRA works every day to clear the way for your ease of business, from working with local legislators to ensure signage ordinances are reasonable to much larger issues such as keeping property taxes low, we are your constant advocate. HRRA also works hand in hand with the state association, VAR and the national association, NAR to pass positive legislation and to defeat or modify legislation and regulations harmful to the real estate industry.

Community Affairs

HRRA is very active in the communities it serves. Our goal is to keep property values high through quality of life initiatives. HRRA works to ensure equality in housing, through the NAR outreach program HRRA participates in community improvements such as gardens, dog parks, park lighting, etc., and through its REALTORS have a heart program, HRRA members participate in local charities throughout the year including one massive home makeover. 

Professional Standards Administration

HRRA staff fields calls from the public weekly, larger association even daily, We help the public to understand what is considered ethical behavior. HRRA participates in the Virginia Professional Standards Cooperative, where VAR attorneys and HRRA volunteers process complaints. HRRA saves you legal fees by offering mediation and arbitration services. We are able to help you understand commission disputes before you spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars, on attorney fees. Finally, we administer ethics hearings to keep our industry at the highest standards.

Industry Insights

HRRA provides other communication vehicles that offer information on business trends, market trends, and information about association events and education. Eleven times per year, the Hampton Roads REALTOR® magazine is delivered to more than 4,300 real estate agents, brokers, sales managers, Affiliates, and government friends of HRRA.


Recognition to Build Your Personal Brand

In addition to HRRA's promotion of the value of using a REALTOR through participation in the national "That's Who We R", HRRA offers the prestigious Circle of Excellence awards. This benefit attracts over 1,000 members in attendance and is publicized in the local press. Your sale success is recognized and your Circle of Excellence award can be used in your marketing. The award has a strict vetting and verification process.


Association networking is a phenomenal business asset that is often under utilized and undervalued. Why network with other association members? Interacting with successful members is a means to success yourself. We become those we surround ourselves with. You will meet industry providers (affiliates) and learn when they have zero down programs or other incentives. REALTORS refer to other REALTORS they know, and finally, meeting other members will ease doing business with them.


Leadership Opportunities

A benefit that is available is the opportunity to become a leader in the industry through board or committee service. By serving the association, you learn volumes about your industry and your own capabilities. Check your board website for committee and board opportunities.

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